Insect-Man is a cop who turned into a superhero during the night to
Insect man
"do the stuff he couldn't do in his day job." He is a member of the superhero team Justice Forever.


His willingness to fight crime and protect lives play a large part in Insect-Man's change into a superhero; his sour disposition towards evildoers led him to deviate from the police during nightfall and battle them.

Plot overviewEdit

Kick-Ass 2Edit

Justice ForeverEdit

Insect-Man first appeared sitting atop a box in the Justice Forever headquarters when a young teenage superhero named Kick-Ass, whose real name was Dave Lizewski, joined the group. After the group introduced themselves to the young man, they went from place to place, rescuing citizens from any kinds of trouble. Soon, Justice Forever grew in numbers.

Death of the LeaderEdit

Sal Bertolinni, leader of Justice Forever and superhero Colonel Stars, was murdered by a cruel supervillain who went by the name Mother-Fucker (real name Chris Genovese), due to Sal's affiliation with Kick-Ass, who was his nemesis. Sal's brother, the superhero Lieutenant Stripes, became greatly depressed at this turn of events; so much so that the group decided to make a sympathy card for him.

After yet another attack by Mother-Fucker, the police arrested every costumed vigilante on the spot. Kick-Ass' father, who had known about Dave's exploits as a superhero and refused to have his son jailed, claimed himself to be Kick-Ass in order to protect him.

Much to Dave's grief, Mother-Fucker had his father killed in prison. Once the police cleared everything up about the attack, the heroes were free to go, and attended the funeral of Dave's father. Right before going home, Mother-Fucker's goons attacked and kidnapped Dave, who was rescued by a little girl named Mindy Macready, better known as the superheroine Hit-Girl.

Final BattleEdit

Insect-Man aided Dave, now in his Kick-Ass uniform, along with many other superheroes Kick-Ass contacted in order to aid him in his attack on Mother-Fucker. Kick-Ass managed to defeat Mother-Fucker, however, the police suddenly arrived and arrested every single man and woman wearing a costume, unable to distinguish who the heroes or villains were.

Dave luckily eluded the police while Insect-Man was being arrested, along with everyone else. As he was being led into the armored car, the crowd cheered the heroes on, and demanded that they be let free.

Skills and WeaponsEdit


  • His past as a police officer grants Insect-Man formidable fighting skills.


  • He, at one point in the series, used a black club as his weapon.


  • His costume is highly reminiscent of the comic book character Spider-Man's symbiote-empowered black costume.
    • On a side note, his mannerisms are also similar to Spider-Man, in that he is sometimes seen perching on top of an elevated platform when relaxing.