"No two nights were the same. People filmed us wherever we went."-Dave

Dave with Justice Forever at his side.

as a member of Justice Forever.

Plot overviewEdit

Justice Forever was a group of superheroes formed by various members of the community, inspired to become superheroes because of the first real-life superhero known as Kick-Ass. They were incredibly successful in aiding people, as they reduced overall crime in the entire state. Recently, the group had gained more new members, but was threatened by Motherfucker, a supervillain who used to go by the name Red Mist. Colonel Stars, one of the members of Justice Forever, was killed by Motherfucker's criminal league known as the Toxic Mega-Cunts. His body was found by police to have been decapitated and have his head substituted by the head of his also-deceased pet dog, Sofia.


  • Kick-Ass – the first real-life superhero.
  • Doctor Gravity – a hero who is an English major at Columbia University.
  • Colonel Stars – a mafia member turned masked vigilante. Deceased.
  • Lieutenant Stripes – a mafia member turned masked vigilante.
  • Battle-Guy – Battle-Guy is revealed to be Marty Eisenberg, Dave's best friend. He attempts to create a false history as a reason for being a superhero, involving his parents being murdered and eaten in front of him.
  • Ass-Kicker – alter-ego of Todd Haynes after being convinced to join the team.
  • Remembering Tommy – a husband & wife duo. It is revealed that the two became superheroes after their son was kidnapped from in front of a store. After attempting in vain to find him with the police and the newspapers, they took to the streets using vigilante justice.
  • Night-Bitch – became a costumed crimefighter after finding her sister's body in a dumpster.
  • Insect-Man – a cop who became a hero after becoming disillusioned by the lack of competence in the police department.
  • Long Island Rocket Man – a hero who has a jetpack made from balsa wood.
  • The All-Seeing Eye – a hero who adores the paparazzi.
  • Moon Bird – a female parody of Moon Knight, a Marvel superhero. Protects drunk, underage women.
  • The Enforcer – a hero who works mainly on the transit system. Resembles Nightwing from DC Comics.
  • Others – many other people have joined Justice Forever, however, their identities have yet to be uncovered.