Lieutenant Stripes is the brother of the late Sal Bertolinni,
who was better known as Colonel Stars. He was formerly a mafia member employed by John Genovese, but he turned into born-again Christian.


He is a caring yet brutal and stern person who desires to protect the city, but is willing to inflict horrible amounts of pain if it is needed to do so. He cared for his brother and even went into a state of depression after Sal died.

Plot overviewEdit

Justice ForeverEdit

As a member of the superhero team Justice Forever, Lieutenant Stripes protected the streets with his brother, his teammates, and his huge guard dog, Sophia. After the team grew in number, a tragic event befell the team.

Death of a SiblingEdit

Sal Bertollini, the superhero Colonel Stars, was murdered by Chris Genovese, (alias: Mother-Fucker) for his affiliation with the superhero Kick-Ass, one of the people he held responsible for killing his father. Sal was beheaded, and had Sophia's head implanted on his neck. Behind him were the spray-painted words: "RED MIST IS DEAD, LONG LIVE THE MOTHERFUCKER."

Lieutenant Stripes fell into a deep state of depression, so much so that the rest of the team decided to make a sympathy card for him.

No More CostumesEdit

After yet another attack by the Mother-Fucker, the police ordered the detainment of all costumed vigilantes, including the Lieutenant. After everything was cleared up, Lieutenant Stripes, along with every other costumed hero, was released from prison, on the condition that they never act like superheroes again.

The Lieutenant attended the funeral of Kick-Ass' father, who was killed by Chris as a form of revenge against the hero. Kick-Ass was then kidnapped, but was rescued by a prepubescent girl named Mindy Macready, also known as Hit-Girl.

Final Battle and Re-ImprisonmentEdit

In the final battle between the heroes and the villains, Lieutenant Stripes was allied with the superheroes, who were contacted by Kick-Ass to help in the defeat of the Mother-Fucker and his villainous band of chaotic cronies. The heroes pummeled the villains, but the police, unable to identify the two groups apart, began to arrest everyone in the vicinity, including the Lieutenant, Mother-Fucker, and even Hit-Girl.

Kick-Ass, along with two of his friends, managed to elude the authorities.

Skills and Weapons and CostumeEdit


  • Due to his past working with the mafia, the Lieutenant has shown extreme proficiency in battle.


  • The primary weapons he uses at his disposal are red baseball bats, which he, at one point, shared with his brother.
  • He uses empty guns as a means to intimidate the enemy.

Lieutenant costume is a dark red costume with golden stripes on his jacket and a Zorro type mask

With boots and gloves.