'M'arty Eisenberg is a superhero who goes by the name Battle Guy, and is the best friend of fellow superhero Dave Lizewski, the superhero Kick-Ass.


Todd has much of the same personality as fellow superhero and friend Todd Haynes. He's carefree, and exhibits extreme eagerness at becoming a superhero. Despite his courageous attitude, he has shown signs of cowardice.

Plot overviewEdit


Dave's FriendEdit

Before becoming Battle Guy, Marty was nothing more than a friend of both Todd Haynes and Dave Lizewski. He, along with Todd, created a curse word ("tunk") which was spoken by three characters so far (Dave, Mindy Macready, and John Genovese).

Kick-Ass 2Edit

Battle GuyEdit

Marty joined a newly formed superhero group known as Justice Forever. In an effort to "look cool," he created a fake origin in which his parents were "killed and eaten right before his eyes." When a superhero named Kick-Ass joined the group, he immediately identified Marty, much to the latter's shock.

Kick-Ass revealed himself to be Marty's best friend, Dave. Marty's "origin" was blown, and he explained why he created such a story. The team accepted him nonetheless. Marty, Dave, and the team patrolled around town, helping people from any kind of trouble. As time went on, Justice Forever got new members, helping the team greatly.

Marty and Dave decided to tell Todd of their heroic exploits, and so, Justice Forever gained another member, who went by the name Ass-Kicker. Unfortunately, the leader of Justice Forever, Sal Bertolinni, aka Colonel Stars, was murdered by Chris Genovese, Dave's archenemy.

After Chris led an attack on the neighborhood where Katie Deauxma (Dave's crush) lives, the police ordered the arrest of every costumed person in the neighborhood, whether they be hero or villain. Dave's father, unwilling to see his son arrested (he had discovered Dave's identity as Kick-Ass) decided to turn himself in, claiming to be Kick-Ass, much to Dave's grief.

Marty allowed Dave to live at his house, only for Dave to discover that Chris had his father murdered in prison. Marty attended the funeral of Dave's father, but Dave was then kidnapped by Chris's goons; he was then rescued by Mindy Macready, the superheroine Hit-Girl.

In the final battle between the superheroes and the supervillains, both Todd and Marty (unintentionally) aided Hit-Girl in the killing of Mother Russia, a bodyguard of Chris. After the final battle, the police arrested every costumed vigilante on the spot. Dave, Todd, and Marty evaded the police in an alleyway.

Skills and WeaponsEdit


  • Marty has shown promise in the field of battle, holding off his own against Red Mist's Toxic-Mega Cunts long before the battle ended. However, it can be assumed that he hid for most of the battle.


  • Marty has two miniature shields attached to his forearms, using them to pound into the faces of enemies.