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Todd Haynes is one of Dave Lizewski's best friends, and a superhero.


He played an extremely minor role in the original Kick-Ass series, but played a much larger role in its sequel. His superhero persona is called Ass-Kicker.


Todd exhibits a carefree personality. Unlike Dave, however, he is much more cowardly, like Dave's other good friend, Marty.

Plot overview[]


Dave's Friend[]

In the original series, Todd served as mostly nothing more than a side character. However, he, along with Marty, created a new curse word known as "tunk," which was said by three characters in the series upon its creation (Dave, Mindy Macready, and John Genovese).

Kick-Ass 2[]


Dave and Marty revealed themselves to be the superheroes Kick-Ass and Battle Guy, respectively, and told Todd of their superhero team known as Justice Forever. Todd joined the group, and donned an outfit which Marty described as "something you would wear when you promote same-sex marriage."

Dave remarked on how derivative Todd's superhero names were ("Kick-Ass Man," "Doctor Kick-Ass"), and the latter decided to settle with the name Ass-Kicker. Todd went on patrol with Justice Forever, but, because of an attack led by Chris Genovese, Dave's archenemy, the police ordered the arrest of any and every costumed individual on the streets.

Dave's father, who had discovered his son's secret identity prior to this event, claimed himself to be Kick-Ass and turned himself in, unwilling to see his son arrested. Unfortunately, Chris orchestrated the murder of Dave's father in prison. Todd attended the funeral of Dave's father, but the funeral was cut short by a sudden attack from Chris's cronies.

Dave was kidnapped, but was rescued by a superheroine named Hit-Girl.

In the final battle of the story, he tried to hide, along with Marty, while the superheroes and supervillains fought each other. While trying to hide, they stumbled across villainess Mother Russia beating down heroine Hit-Girl (Mindy Macready's alter-ego).

Hit-Girl then killed Mother Russia, who was too distracted by the two to do anything. After the final battle, the police, who could not differentiate between the heroes and the villains, decided to arrest everyone. While the crowd cheered for the heroes, who were being arrested, Todd, Marty, and Dave escaped in an alleyway.

Skills and Weapons[]


  • With his surviving the battle against Chris Genovese, it can be assumed that Todd has some degree of skill in the field of combat. However, it can also be assumed that he hid for most of the battle.


  • Todd has not been seen with any weapon whatsoever.